Institute Email

  • The Computer Centre at IISER Bhopal provides Electronic Mail facility which serves as a primary means of communication for improving education and administrative efficiency amongst the community members. This facility is needed by the users for day-to-day research activities as well as courses and assignments. The community members are expected to use the deployed email and other IT services responsibly and productively in an efficient, ethical and lawful manner.

    There are various groups that have been structured to support information sharing and operations. These groups include the members of faculty, staff, outsourced staff, and student.

    To support and enhance the educational mission of the institute; for enriching the educational experience of the students, faculty and the staff and supporting their research and academic activities; and for providing automation support to the institute, the policy document in line with the modalities for strengthening the existing email facility and storage quota is proposed as hereunder:

  • Policies

    • An e-mail account in IISER Bhopal domain will be provided to each faculty, staff, and students of IISER Bhopal. The outsourced employee may also avail the Institute email services after the approval of the competent authority.
    • Every user's email account will be added to specific groups, as eligible. The bulk email posting privilege on different groups will only be provided to the official email accounts of Director, Deputy Director, Deans, Registrar, Head Computer Centre. Any exception will only be considered after the approval of the competent authority.
    • During the academic registration of new students, Computer Centre (CC) will create new student's e-mail account based on the provided information from Office, Academic Affairs.
    • With respect to the provided information from Office Academic Affairs, the posting privileges on different students' groups or batches will be given to faculty members/instructors for a fixed duration.
    • Each academic department office will manage the department related mailing lists/groups which is subject to the following information:
      • Formation of mailing list in .xlsx or .csv format.
      • Group description, member roles and member's email posting privilege, Addition/deletion of iiserb domain users only.

      The standard approved groups/mailing lists will be manged by the Computer Centre by the provided information from the department authority. The other mailing lists/groups may be used by the dept. head or office for sharing communique.

    • After the No Dues certificate from the Computer Centre, CC will immediately disable or suspend Email and Internet services. However, the following extension is allowed:
      • Faculty, Regular Staff Members or member involved in academic activities: 6 months email forwarding facility will be provided, subject to the approval of their HoD and Head CC.
      • Students: The students enrolled in the IISER Bhopal academic system will get the default 6 months extension for email services with complete access from the date of convocation or No Dues. They may also request for an additional 6 months extension via the necessary approval from the Office Dean, Alumni and International Relations. The total extension period of email facility will not be extended more than 12 months after the date of convocation or No Dues.

      During the email account extension period an individual's email account will be disengaged from all the email groups. The email account will be deleted from the system on completion of or after the allowed extension period.

    • The Computer Centre may provide the email forwarding facility to the email accounts of the retiring faculty members. This facility is not available to the other community members.
    • The Computer Centre will suspend or delete the user's account without prior notice if it has not been used for 3 months in a stretch. The e-mail accounts which are not activated within one month from the date of issue will be deleted permanently without any prior notice.
    • The Computer Centre reserves the rights to suspend the user's account in case of malfunctioning or spamming etc.
    • For resetting the password, the users should send an e‐mail to Computer Centre, clearly stating his/her official email account details (email ID, username, department & Roll No./PF No. number) as well as the reason for resetting the password.
    • In case of forget password, the users should reach CC with the Institute's photo ID card or any Government approved photo ID card such as Passport, Aadhar Card, Driving License, Voter ID Card, etc.

    • The users will be provided with storage quota in reference to the type of account.
      Account Type Per User Allowed Total Storage(in GB)
      Student 30
      Teaching Staff, Deans, HoDs, Heads, Registrar 100
      Non-teaching Staff, Other Administrative & Office Accounts 50
      • Storing of movie, music files or obscene content are considered as an improper/offensive use of storage.
      • Disciplinary actions are likely to be taken for violation of the storage limitation policy. The following action may be taken after the recommendation and approval of the competent authority.
        • i. Issue of a warning letter/email to the user with a period of one week to adjust the usage within limits.
        • ii. Temporary or permanent suspension of allotted drive storage space, after a week from the date of the warning letter.
      • The Institute authority will reiterate the Storage Distribution Policy based on the requirement.
  • Guidelines

    • E-mail services are a privilege, not a right. The official E-mail account provided to a faculty, staff, or student is meant for the official purpose only.
    • It is the user's responsibility to keep their E-mail account in good standing, not give out or share account password, hold the responsibility for any activity originating from the account and use the email account in ways that are responsible, ethical, lawful and professional.
    • The users are strictly advised to post only the academic/research/official related emails or contents to the groups at different levels.
    • The emails sent via the Institute's email system should not contain content that is deemed to be offensive. This includes, though is not restricted to, the use of vulgar or harassing language/images, discriminatory, insulting, degrading, sexual or violent constitutes to any individual or the Government bodies.
    • The users are strongly advised to use a strong password of at least 8 characters and preferably in the combination of alphabets and numbers. It is mandatory to change the password if you are login into the e-mail system first time or after reset.
    • The login problems or failure of logging into the official e-mail account may be reported to the Computer Centre.
    • Users who violate the above stated E-mail usage policy will be subject to disciplinary action. CC may monitor individual users, suspected of violating this policy.
    • The disciplinary actions will be enforced for such violation of any of the above rules/policies which are as follows:
      • First Time: Issue of a warning letter/e-mail to the user or suspension of Email and Internet facility for a month.
      • Second Time: Suspension of Email and Internet facility up to six months.
      • Third Time: Permanent suspension and termination of Email and Internet facility on the Institute domain.
    • Misuse or abuse of electronic mail facility is punishable under the latest Information Technology Act, Government of India.

  • Improper/Offensive use of E-Mail or Related Services

    • Sending or posting discriminatory, harassing, or threatening messages or images on the Internet or via the Institute's email service.
    • Sharing and storing any illegitimate file(s), pirated music file(s) or movies(s), obscene material, and/or perform any form of fraud or any unlawful by using the Institute's email account or related services.
    • Unauthorized access, use, sharing, or disclosing someone else's password or identity.
    • Attempting to log in through another person's email account and/or get the access to the email account via password cracking or by any means.
    • Sharing of confidential or unauthorized material, trade secrets, or proprietary information outside of the Institute.
    • Engaging in email account uses that jeopardize access into others' email account or other computer networks.
    • Sending or posting information that is defamatory to an individual or the Institute or any Government body.
    • Sending or posting chain emails or letters, solicitation, or advertisements not related to the Institute's activities or policies.
    • The users are strictly advised not to indulge in any unacceptable behaviour or activity in the E-mail environment. The unacceptable behaviour includes, but not limited to, distribution of unsolicited and unauthorized mass e-mail to users, threatening users, infringements of others' privacy, interference with others' work, copyright infringement and illegal activity.
    • Posting buy/sale deals to the group mailing lists or any content which is not of common interest of the members of such group mailing lists are not permitted.
    • Violations of the policy will be treated as academic misconduct, misdemeanour, or indiscipline as appropriate. Depending upon the nature of the violation, Head CC, or the Institute authority may take an action through warning or suspension of email and Internet facility and for routine infraction appropriates fines/penalties as determined by the Institute authorities.
  • Posting Privileges

    CC has created various groups to facilitate resources and information sharing among the different sets of IISERB community members. The approved bulk posting privileges to an individual email account may be revoked at any point of time with the consent of the competent authority. The competent authority has the right to assign posting privilege to an individual email account.

      Group Group Description Authorized individuals to post
      all[AT] All IISERB Community Members Director/Director's Office/DD/DD Office/ Deans/Head, CC/Registrar/Registrar's Office/CSO /Office CC/Media Cell
      faculty[AT] All Faculty Members Director/DD/Deans/Head, CC/Registrar
      staff[AT] All the permanent staff members Director/Director's Office/DD/DD Office/Deans/ Head, CC/Registrar/Registrar's Office/DR/ Administrative Officer
      projectstaff[AT] All Staff Members on Project Director/Director's Office/DD/DD Office/ Deans/ Head, CC/Registrar/Registrar's Office/DR/ Administrative Officer
      students[AT] All Students Director/Director's Office/DD/DD Office/Deans/ Head, CC/Academic Department Heads/Registrar/ Registrar's Office/DR/ AR Academic/ Administrative Officer
      deans[AT] All Deans Director/Director's Office/DD/DD Office/Deans/ Head, CC/Academic Department Heads/Registrar/ Registrar's Office/Administrative Officer
      hods[AT] All Heads of Academic Departments Director/Director's Office/DD/DD Office/Deans/ Head, CC/Academic Department Heads/Registrar/ Registrar's Office/CSO/Administrative Officer
      officers[AT] Section In-charges Director/Director's Office/DD/DD Office/Deans/ Head, CC/Academic Department Heads/Registrar/ Registrar's Office/Administrative Officer
      professors[AT] All Professors Director/Director's Office/DD/DD Office/Deans/ Head, CC/Registrar/ Registrar's Office
      dpgcs[AT] All DPGC Conveners Director/ Director's Office/DD/ DD Office/Deans/ Head, CC/ Academic Department Heads/Registrar/ Registrar's Office/All DPGC Members
      dugcs[AT] All DUGC Conveners Director/ Director's Office/DD/ DD Office/Deans/ Head, CC/ Academic Department Heads/Registrar/ Registrar's Office/All DUGC Members
      centres[AT] All Centres Director/ Director's Office/DD/ DD Office/Deans/ Head, CC/Registrar/ Registrar's Office
      chmfaculty, phyfaculty, eesfaculty, biofaculty, mathsfaculty, eecsfaculty etc. Department Faculty Groups Director/DD/Deans/Head, CC/Registrar/Respective Department Heads/Department Faculty Members and Department Office
      chmphd, chmiphd, chmra, chmmajors, phyphd, phyiphd, phyra, phymajors biophd, bioiphd, biora, biomajors etc. Department: PhDs, iPhDs, Postdocs, BS-MS Majors Director/DD/Deans/Head, CC/Registrar/Respective Department Heads/Department Faculty Members and Department Office
      msbatch<20xy> etc. BS-MS Batches Director/DD/Deans/Head, CC/Registrar/Instructor list provided by Office, Academic Affairs.
      bsbatch<20xy> etc. BS Batches Director/DD/Deans/Head, CC/Registrar/Instructor list provided by Office, Academic Affairs.

  • All terms and conditions as stated in this document apply to all the users of IISER Bhopal. Any user violating these policies is subject to disciplinary actions deemed appropriate by the competent authority or the head of the Institution.