• A Bruker microTOF QII high-resolution mass spectrometer is coupled to Waters Acquity UPLC system. The instrument is capable of analysing most type of samples including solid samples.


  • The GC-MS system from Agilent is one of the best instruments available in the category. It comprises of Agilent 7890A GC with Agilent 5975C MS with a dual detector mode (FID and MS together). The MS is a single quadrupole system with mass range up to 1040 u with synchronous SIM/Scan. The MS ionization can be switched between EI and CI modes. With the EI mode, ionization up to 240 eV is possible.


  • A brand new MALDI TOF spectrometer has been installed in the CIF mass facility. Combining true 2 kHz speed in TOF mode and 1 kHz in TOF/TOF mode with ultrahigh performance and extreme flexibility for a broad variety of complementary research, clinical and applied proteomics applications. The smartbeam laser provides unprecedented analytical and matrix flexibility in workflows from protein tissue imaging, intact proteins analysis, Glycoproteomics, biologics or oligo QC, to LC-MALDI proteomics - all fully enabled at 1-2000 Hz repetition rates. The high efficiency and sensitivity of the LID-LIFT process delivers MS/MS spectra with nominal mass resolution for peptides. Typically, full MS/MS data sets can be acquired with up to 1000 Hz laser repetition rate from low fmol levels within seconds. The software is perfectly adapted to analyze and visualize the match between the raw spectra and annotated peptide and protein structures. The offline coupling of liquid chromatography (LC) to MALDI mass spectrometry (LC-MALDI) has been shown to be a relevant technique in proteomics, comprising protein profiling and protein identification capabilities. Major advantages are the reduction of complexity and selection of precursor ions for the MS/MS data acquisition without any time constrains. The PROTEINEER fc II enables automatic liquid handling for MALDI preparation of LC separated peptide fractions. It automates the Proteomics workflow from LC-separation to mass spectrometric identification and characterization by MALDI TOF and TOF/TOF systems.

GC-QTOF And LC-Single Quadrupole

  • The other two instruments in the mass facility include GC-QTOF and LC-single quadrupole spectrometer from Agilent. The GC-QTOF is capable of providing HRMS for various kinds of samples and the LC-Single quadrupole mass spectrometer can handle various types of samples including biological molecules. It includes APCI option as well.