S.No. Forms Download
English | Hindi
1 Indent Form (Indigenous/Imported)
2 Tender Inquiry
3 Two Part Tender Inquiry
4 Check list for Procurement
5 Store & Purchase Manual (Brief)
6 Certificate of Local Purchase Committee (Rs.25001/- to Rs. 250000/-)
7 PO Format Rate Contract
8 Material Transfer Note
9 Vendor Registration form
10 Indent Form (Rate Contract)
11 Summary of the PO Sanction Proposal
12 Contact Details of Empanel Advertisement Agencies
13 FORM GFR 10
14 GEM
15 GEM Certificate of Purchase Committee
16 Certificate on Purchase of Goods Without Quotation Rs.25000
17 Form for procurement of precious/noble metals & stones for Research Purpose
S.No. Forms Download
English | Hindi
1 End Use Certificate
2 Non-manufactured in India (NMC) Certificate
3 Proprietary Certificate
4 Authorization Customs
5 Authorisation FEDEX
6 Authorisation to collect DO
7 Change of Mode
8 GATT imp DECLARATION form 67
9 Format for Global Tender Enquiry (GTE)
10 NDG Form
11 Overseas Agent Details of empaneled CHA
S.No. Forms Download
English | Hindi
1 Receipt of Material
2 Installation Report
3 Recommendation for Advance Payment
4 Satisfactory Service Certificate
5 Requistion and Payment/reimbursement 15k/50k
6 Format for Delivery period Extension
7 Advice for Refund of EMDSD
8 Receipt of Materials for Rate Contract LAB Consumables
9 CAS Registration Form
S.No. Forms Download
English | Hindi
1 Proprietary Purchase Proforma
2 Certificate when Single Technically Qualified Tender is Recommended
3 Certificate when Single Responsive Tender is Recommended
4 Recommendation and Special Approval for Limited Tender Enquiry
5 Re-Export of Equipment for Abroad Repair