Visitors' Hostel

Visitors Hostel

Just a short stroll away from the Main Gate, the Visitors’ Hostel (VH) is housed in a three-storied building, amidst lush green lawns and walkways. These restful residences provides boarding and lodging facilities for the Institutes guests, delegates and participations attending various conferences, seminars, symposia and workshops, newly appointed faculty and staff members, Institutes’ alumni, and the parents/wards of its students. The sprawling complex of the Visitors’ Hostel also provide conference facility that are used frequently for organizing meetings/conferences and a centrally located dinning facility. The Visitors’ Hostel and allied facilities are operated as a non-profit activity to support the academic and research activity on the campus.

Accommodation Facility

Single Bed 16 nos.
Double Bed 22 nos.
Suites 14 nos.
Studio Apartment 10 nos.
Total 62 nos.

Dinning Facility

The visitors’ hostel provides dining facilities to in-house guests of VH, non-residents and for important Institute activities. The VH has 2 air-conditioned Dining Halls with the capacity of 25 and 75 guests respectively. One of the dining halls has a well-furnished attached sitting room.

Conference Facility

Type of facility Max. Capacity
Auditorium 199
Board Room 1 15
Board Room 2 15
Board Room 3 30
Seminar Hall 1 92
Seminar Hall 2 56

Community Centre

Presently, section of a separate two storeyed building designated as "Community centre" is being used as a part of Visitors' Hostel which houses 8 fully furnished standard size rooms, 4 big halls and a lawn for hosting get-together/parties. The standard rooms of the Centre are presently being used as an extension of guest house and can accommodate institute guests and community guests.